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Gasket sheets GАМВIТ.

Gasket sheets GАМВIТ.

    GAMBIT, gaskets materials without asbestos - this is a modern dense material. This material maden for working in different chemical aria and temperatures. In this product used composites of aramid fibers. High technology of producing of Gasket sheets GAMBIT guarantees producing of ISO—9001.

Gasket sheets GAMBIT.

    For using in a special temperature and chemical ares we can discount you special gasket sheets GAMBIT with graphite (РТFЕ).

    Information about technic characteristics of GAMBIT call for  a consultation on our warehause in Riga .

Recomendation about choising of gasket sheets GAMBIT.

    The most important technical characteristics of gasket sheets this is operating temperature, tipe of area and pressure. You must call for a consultation about using this product first. Reusing after dismantling of equipment is impossible.

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